Portable Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad Camping Mat with Attached Pillow and Foldable

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Portable Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad Outdoor For Camping, Hiking, and Travel

A sleeping bag is an essential packing item that will provide additional comfort when a person is unable to stay comfy on the hard ground. Extra comfort is important because the loss of body heat through the ground can impair a person’s ability to stay warm overnight. While a shelter will protect from wind and rain, it will not give you much comfort without the sleeping pad.

Sleeping bags serve the purpose of retaining body heat. The amount of heat they retain depends on many factors including the amount of insulation and the body type of the user. People who are planning on spending the night in the backcountry will carry a sleeping bag with either down or synthetic insulation. For these people, a lightweight sleeping bag is a good choice, but adequate insulation is more important. Those who are planning for comfort will most likely be more interested in a lightweight option, which makes this portable inflatable sleeping pad a great choice.

This sleeping pad, which is geared towards those who are out for the day or preparing for a comfortable experience. Some of the ultra-light options here will provide much comfort on your next camping trip.

Size: 183*60*2.5cm

  • QUICK INFLATION- 2 simple-to-use valve design provides high airflow volume. No pump needed. Self blowing attached pillow can adjust the height optionally
  • COMPACT- Carry bag and compression straps included to roll the sleeping pad up compactly to fit into your backpack with minimal packed weight and size
  • COMFORTABLE- 190T Polyester Taffeta with PVC coating surface fabric is durable, soft and humidity-resistant. Welded seams create an airtight construction
  • SPLICING- Side buttons can join and compress additional pads together side by side, so you can create a more continuous sleeping surface without gaps