New Balance Mens 801 Hiking Trail Shoes

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When you’re willing to make the change, select a lightweight running shoe or trail runner 801 sneakers. This comfortable 801 shoe you can wear minus any break-in phase. The 801 shoes provide a suitable footing and a soft, springy sole that is dense and plenty enough to avoid feeling rocks beneath your feet.

Get the 801 shoes that are easily breathable and dry rapidly once getting soggy wet or damp. Steer clear of shoes that have bulky segments of unsupported mesh netting, since mesh can wear out rapidly on the trail.

It’s also a good recommendation to bump up half a shoe size since feet tend to swell over prolonged days of hiking. Running shoe soles will compress over time, but they are usually good for at least 500 hiking trail miles, occasionally much more.

Distinguished by its rugged and patterned outsole, and intricate leather upper, our 801 trail-inspired lifestyle sneaker brings a retro edge to your look. A bring back of our first all-terrain shoe from the 90s, this popular pick won’t go unnoticed.