Cat&Dog Astronaut Capsule Backpack

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When you are going on a hike, don’t leave your companion at home. Many people would like to take their pets out for a walk, but sometimes we are worried our four-legged friend being too tired for a long haul or maybe worried about the embarrassing situation. Instead, be prepared to go out with your log like a boss, with a nice big backpack bag. No one would have thought that there would be a cute little dog in there.

There is a situation where you would love to take your dog outside with you for a walk, but in some places, you can’t because you can’t have dogs on a leash. That’s when your new backpack pet companion bag comes to the rescue.  Simply put your dog in the backpack and be worry-free from the tangled leash, or your dog’s running in a public or busy road. The Astronaut Capsule Backpack is a much better solution simply put your dog in it and put it around your shoulder and off you go.  Grab one today.



Size: 35cm*31cm *25cm

Material: PE plate +EVA composite Oxford cloth