80L85L Outdoor Backpack

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Professional mountaineering backpack package 80L85L outdoor. Backpacking is an adventure with this 56-75L Large Capacity Outdoor Backpack by that blends hiking with backcountry camping. It lets you broaden your horizons beyond the car campground to enjoy a richer, more immersive outdoor experience. A key distinction from day hiking is the size of your backpack—you pack (and you) must carry all of life’s essentials on your back with its built-in softback. And you must choose those essentials with care.

To get ready for your first backpacking trip, here are some tips:

  1. Choose an easy destination: Short overnight hikes close to home are best.
  2. Get essential gear and clothing that will fit in your backpack: Borrow and scrounge gear to save money.
  3. Plan your food: Just-add-water meals can be all you need or find easy to cook options at regular grocery stores. Also, this backpack has plenty of room for snacks for trail fuel.
  4. Get ready for your trip: Condition yourself to do the planned hike with a fully loaded backpack; get your permits; brush up on Leave No Trace principles.

If you have an experienced backpacking friend who knows you well, invite them along and they can be your guide. But you can also do this backpacking thing on your own. We advise you to bring a friend regardless of their backpacking knowledge, though, because that makes any trip safer and more fun. For starter grab this large capacity for your trip, here are some details on the product:

Capacity 56-75L 

Material: Nylon 

Color red, green, black, dark blue, sky blue, orange

Size Length 40 Width 18 Height 68