Mons Peak IX Night Sky 4 Person Base

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Camping is one of the most fun pastimes of all time. Becoming one with nature can be a welcoming experience, especially if you are trying to get away from a busy, chaotic, and stressful life. While enjoying all that nature has to offer, you'll still need a place to sleep and rest. Our tents provide you with a portable shelter that gives you the privacy and security you need when you get tired from all that nature-bonding.

There are many tents out there that you can choose from and everyone has their opinion of what defines the "best tent". Our four-person tents have the criteria you should prioritize for your own personal situation.

Direct and exact replacement for the original 4P base that comes with the Night Sky tent. (Polyester)

Weight 27.3 oz / 774 g

Important Warning: will NOT fit Trail 43!