Naturehike Large Single Mini Sleeping Bag

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Naturehike is king when it comes to camping bags, and our top picks offer a warm and cozy escape from the cold.

 No matter where your travels take you, from national parks to backwoods to back porches, a camping sleeping bag remains a trusty companion. Since space and weight are not at a premium when you can drive to your destination, the comfort dial can get turned way up. There’s no need to suffer through the night in a constricting mummy bag, so options in this category tend to lean more towards a traditional rectangular shape or a roomier mummy. A number of lightweight options also do a nice job pulling double duty for easy backpacking trips.

Brand Naturehike 

Filling Fabric 380T 

Nylon Lining 240T 

Chun Yafang Fabric nylon 

structure envelope type suitable for adults 

Weight 680(g) 

Article No. NH15S003-D 

Origin China 

Color Orange-Small, Burgundy-Small, Army Green-Small, Dark Blue-Small, Sky Blue-Small

Comfort Temperature 15° Storage 12*19CM